There is room for innovation in finance products.

True Cat Fund, TCF, will be listed in NYSE, New York Stock Exchange. It will be a fund, that consist of stocks chosen by True Cat Fund cats.

Yes, cats.

NYSE TCF 25 - Your cat would buy it!
NYSE TCF 25 – Your cat would buy it!


It is known that the management expenses can be rather high in funds. This is due to investments bankers, which tend to get costly. A typical investment banker

  • lives in a beach house
  • drives a Audi R8
  • takes a big salary
  • is a millionaire

TCF Innovation

TCF fund is run by cats. They will choose the stocks to buy.

Cats like affordable stoik treats of life

  • chilling down
  • playing together
  • mouses
  • some food
True Cat Fund
True Cat Fund

How the fund works

TCF treasurers live in a cosy little cat-house TCF-Cottage, size of a 30m2.

Investments decisions are done by our True Cat Process, TCP. One example is stated below

  • TCF assistant show the cats the names of the 25 biggest companies in the NY Stock exchange list in random order
  • 25 balls with numbers are put on the floor of the TCF-Cottage
  • The cats, our CFO’s are let loose.
  • The ball number which first ends up under the couch is the decided stock to be bought at that meeting.
  • The fund newer sells, it just buys more stocks.

The overall expenses of the fund are low due to the affrdable cats

Clear benefits of our system

The cats almost newer want an Audi R8 or a beach house.

They countenance a modest salary.

Independent jury will see to that no one is trying to influence the cats investments decisions.

TCF – is what Your cat would buy! 🙂

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