Just realized, that I need an Standing Desk Converter. I want to work from home, and left my electric table at work. So, I need to work from the kitchen table but I want to stand!

Google it first

Universe has already developed this thing on our cozy little planet

  • Changdesk 340€ !
  • Cora Standing Desk Converter 200€ !
  • FITUEYES 350€ !
Standing Desk Converter A
Standing Desk Converter A

OMG these prices! The Ikea price would be somewhere around 30€ max.

Alibaba offers stuff from 90€ …

Cnet has done some article about it. Ei vakuuta.

What to do?

I am not Ikea, but could I do this product to the price point of some 130€?

Makes me wonder. Thats what I would buy…

Anyways, these are so expensive, that I might do my own prototype just for fun… Open Solidworks… ? or better not?

At the end

It does not exist in the pricepoint that I was thinking and not as I like it.

In ikea it would cost 30€. I can make it 130€, I hope. lets see…

I can allow myself to make a prototype…

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