Political simulator – get your bill through!

Political simulator

To effectively drive Your politics You get great benefits from understanding the effects of your actions beforehand!

With our cloud based computing power you can simulate different strategies to get where you want to go – faster and more effectively.

In political simulator, you can define the affecting players and their presumed actions.

We have ready made political systems and actor charts, which you can easily use to your benefit.

Why to simulate politics

When you can simulate the affects of your actions before you do them, you can plan your actions better. You can study different strategies and choose the best in given situation.

Does it really work?

— case studies here

For students and universities

Teach and learn. The political systems are complicated and not intuitive to understand. With our free license you learn and can end up in a political job faster. why not to offer a free test simulation to you mip and land in a summer job with more certainty

Why to visualize politics

Only 25% of people work well through written text. 75% of people understand the big picture faster and better through visaulizations.

You are smarter visually!

Benefits to you

Find non-intuitive effects an causalities. The race is tough – you have to get the 1% benefits from where you can. So, its like a race where you have two cars coming to the chequered flag simultaneously, the one wins who is 0.01 second fater there. Can you afford to miss this benefit?

Are you a new mip? how to learn the game. You can learn it faster with our simulator. Already after doing four of our Tutorials you know better how the lainsäädäntösysteemi works.

What does it cost?

You can buy our system in two different ways

  • buy a stand alone license – if you really want to be super safe about your actions
  • buy tokens and drive simulations on our server and on our supercomputers – we promise your data is safe

Q: Why do you offer the super safe license and still safe that token method is safe?

A: Why do men have nipples?

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