Have you ewer run in to a dispute in your personal life or at work? Or in a relationship?

How about an app and a web service, which helps us to resolve conflicts?

Negotiator app solves conflicts. Choose you subscription:

  • Free – for small disputes with friends and family (not so small always)
    • here our negotiators are normal individuals. We use just written text just as in watsup.
  • Medium – when you want quality and are willing to pay a bit for it
    • here we have experienced negotiators with good negotiation history and at least 4/5 stars rating. You can use digital meetings and send pictures, video and pdf documents.
  • High End – for legal disputes between companies
    • here we have proven professionals, teams with psychologist, attourneys of law and experts from different alat. Our data security tietoturva is top of the line with double identification. You can also choose a paper data transer and live or digital meetings.

Solve your disputes with Negotiator

Log in to our service as a client. Choose your plan – free, medium or High End.

Post a Case. Choose the people in your case and give us the possibility to solve your problems.

After posting a case – give us some background information. Go to case historical perspective section. Explain usefull information of the past.

The go to current status and tell what is the current status of the dispute.

Then fill in your future hopes section – what you want to happen in the furute.

Then fill in the in a perfect world section – how would you like things to be in the ideal world.

You can also earn money by becoming a Negotiator

Become an Negotiator – help people to solve their disputes

Log in to our Negotiator-service and choose Your role as an Negotiator. You will become the solver of disputes. Customers will be able to rank your skills with stars and reviews.

You can earn money on your free time just from your coach using your mobile phone as a hobbyist Negotiators.

Our best hobby Negotiators become Medium negotiators.

Are You a professional law expert or an psychologist? Or are you an expert on some specific area? Why not to become a High End Negotiator and help companies, individuals and public sector solve their conflicts?

Why it works?

You see the text that our Negotiator writes. Negotiator sees the text of both parties, or multiple parties. That helps to avoid unneccessary emotional turmoil and we can focus on the task at hand – to resolve conflicts.

In Medium and High End packages we use proven profesionals – educated psychologist and other experts. No wonder the results tend to be really good.

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