Single Seater Race Car – Affordable racing with modern technology

Basic idea

Single Seater Race Car

For track only in small series production

LOCOST ideology, but with modern technology

Open source 3D CAD model (Solidworks 2017 and .igs) and swarm R&D intelligence

Education cooperation with universities

“Mittelstand”-company cooperation

Easy testbed for different drivetrains and fuels

Materials and manufacturing methods

We favour recycleable materials such as metal, wood composites , just say no to glassfiber and carbonfiber
We have no mold costs –only .dxf and 3D printing is allowed
All 3D data is public – arranged by J7 Storm yearmodels
We create the J7 Storm platform for business and for fun


Pic an area of interest and start selling your specific part to the J7 Storm community
Design a faster part and start selling it to the community
Show off your company expertise in this interesting project with vivid attention

Join the project as an engineer, designer, racing team, sourcer, marketer or any other position.


Drivetrain and energy source will be chosen according to our partners. Why not to show your drivetrain or fuel to the general public in J7Storm? This is a fun project prone to get lost of good public attention and media space.

I wonder what would be the easiest electric drivetrain? Can we get our hands to Tesla drivetrain? Can we just buy one from Elon or get it from the aftermarket?

Can we just put in Tesla model-3-drivetrain ?

How about Toroidion? There has to be many alternatives, which one is easiest to buy and use and to engineer in? how about the safety? Can we buy Toyota hybrid drivetrain?

Or good old combustion engine?

We could use good old racing engine, such as Ford Ecoboost or XJR 1300. Then it would be vise to #gretanize the project with environmentally friendly gasoline or gas. How about biogas or natural gas? Most likely partners could be Neste Biofuels, ST1 or Gasum. And there has to be many other in the world.

Ford Ecoboost engine
Ford Ecoboost engine
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