There will be blood – no, I mean new business.

Scandinavia – what can you do there?

Scandinavian welfare society (SWS) is a very peculiar way to arrange life on a planet – any planet. It creates order from chaos. At the same time it is hard to bare – there are amazingly annoying phenomenon. And there are very few people thinking how are we going to pay for the whole system. Is it so that people just think the money will pour from the sky?

As the price of work rises in SWS you can only do very complex works at the spot. Also one has to invent new ways to do business, to be able to pay for the whole show. That is why we need to innovate also in Our J7 Storm project. Our system might collapse in some decades if we don’t change the course.

Back to the point – no more politics

Where as the car will be quite conservative in year models 2020-2022 to stabilaze the team and get things going, the way how we design the car doesn’t have to be.

Storm Swarm Intelligence – J7SSIDP

I can’t be the only design engineer on the planet who want’s to engineer car parts, can I? It is unlikely.


We create a digital platform to use swarm intelligence in engineering and design. At first it is actually just a WP Woo-commerce digital platform, I believe we can get quite far with just that. We call it J7SSIDP which means Jukola7 Storm Swarm Intelligence Digital Platform. Sounds like a name of a political party, doesnt it? Later there can be a tailored software which will become the Storm Swarm business.

J7SSIDP – how does it work

We put the briefing of given parts to J7SSIDP. Anyone – You – can then engineer a part that meets the briefing. After this the users – You – can vote which is the best way to solve the given problem. Later there will be money involved, one gets paid for the best design and also the best curators get paid. This will eventually create a new way for companies to do R&D. Yes, there will be a new digital platform to use in Your companys R&D phase. Maybe you try it in a small project to gan understanding and trust and later scale it up to more projects. This is a goow way to gain insight to multi discipline problems.

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