Jukola7 Myrsky is a single seater race car. It is manufactured using modern sheet metal techniques, which allow small serial production with affordable end product price. With the cut-bend-tig method the manufacturing is easy without jigs even in the home carage or in small industrial facilities as a nice side project to keep the company spirits up ūüôā

Myrsky concept picture
Single seater race car


“Because I want to engineer and design at leat one race car before I am in grave.” says Lauri, the proven entrepreneur in front of the idea.

Design, sounds and feeling

How not to fail

Lets keep it simple. Fisker Karma used 1,5 Billion euros and failed. It is expensive to engineer, secure manufacturing and take to market, sell and market. Even the logistics, warehouse expenses and interests will kill any company. So lets keep it super simple!

Phase 1 – season 2020

In the first phase we take a normal race car that is easily available and to which there is a ready running harrastajajoukko and where spare parts are easily available and just modify that a bit. Stupid but even this could fail, because it is always way more complicated than you think.

Possible car models/part and social/marketing platforms are

  • Legends
  • Formula Ford
  • Locost

Phase 2 – season 2021

If Phase 1 did not fail completely, we can raise the bar. Now we can introduce more new parts or even a new concept all together.

Concept 1 – electric drive train

We make an electric driven Formula ford. It uses Toroidion 42V drivetrain or why not to take the drivetrain from a Tesla? Should be power full and affordable. This would be in line with the current megatrend of sustainable future and contradict heavily with the idea of flames and noise and danger of a real racecar.

Concept 2 – gas or renevable fuels drivetrain

We take a normal engine and use some sustainable gasoline in it or gas. Possible partners in development

  • Gasum – gas it!
  • ST1 – biofuels
  • what else?
  • Hesburger – biofuels
Electric formula ford
Formula Ford with electric powertrain (42V) and sheetmetal fuselage

Why the sheetmetal body?

It does not have to be that aerodynamic. look at tesla cybertruck ūüôā So goodbye expensive carbon materials! There are many benefits in just making the main body from metal

  • cheaper construction
  • easily modified
  • excellent crash characteristics
  • easy to build at your own carage – just order our laser cut parts package, bend and TIG it!
  • easy to repair – DIY formula
  • all parts carry loads
  • multiple aero kits available and you can customize your own ones ūüôā
  • simply more fun at an affordable price
  • completely recyclable where as carbon fiber is not at all recyleable
Jukola7 cut-bend-tig

Why oh why electric?

I know – its a shame! No sounds and no glory. This is clearly a mistake! But – #gretaapproves – do I need to say more? And anyway electric is the new black even though it destroys the whole idea of motorsports as the source of danger, excitement, glory and heroes. Think about it, would Senna do it? Don’t think so.

Benefits for industrial partners

Why not to join our nice little project! This is a good place to showcase your technology and expertise and boost your own employees spirits! You can bring in your fuel, drivetrain, design & engineering expertise or materials. Why not to pep up your employees with an interesting project. And listen, this could be real business one day! Possible partners could be

  • fuel companies – biofuel drivetrain
  • electric companies – electric drivetrain manufacturers
  • solar panel manufacturers, wind power farms, where does the electricity come from? nuclear powerstations?
  • metal manufacturers such as SSAB etc
  • laser cutting and sheetmetal workstation manufacturers like PrimaPower – get something to show in Hannover Messe
  • 3D modeling software manufacturers and simulation software such as ADAMS and Solidworks, Catia etc
  • simulation software manufacturers, FEM
  • engineering companies to show off their skills
  • project management software houses, which is the 1 Project Management Tool‚Äé?
  • sales CRM like Pipedrive and Salesforce

How does it work

Because it is extremely difficult and expensive to make a car – we will not. We will just modify a proven formula that already exists. If we can get that to track – then we can raise the bar.

see past failiers – dont do it – these never got to the track at all

So the roadmap is as follows – do it easily

  • first Jukola7 Myrsky is just a proof of concept, we buy a ready made Formula Ford or a Legends and just add the electric or biofuel powertrain
  • second we make the marketing campaign – we shoot some fast laps in a race track, Imola or what you have
  • Second round – we design the sheetmetal body and add our already tested components there – this will be the first actual Jukola7 Storm -Myrsky
  • Then we shoot some videos on a race track and market the idea more
  • more marketing and sales

The structure

All parts in the fuselage are laser cut from steel. After that you just bend those and TIG it! Easy! All parts are interlocking, there are little studs that will precisely position those – no JIGS needed!!! Affordable speed at your service! We are happy to help you to the track with a price you can afford.


Because it is fun to build and fun to drive. But with recent development to all carbon structures the fun has been takne away from the formula series – you can’t build yourself! it’s too damn expensive.

We will create the DIY formula series where you get to build and to drive. This is affordable! you don’t have to be a #‚ā¨%#‚ā¨%ing Rosberg or rich kid like R√§ikk√∂nen to drive!

Autourheiluteollisuuden koko

Isossa Britanniassa autourheiluteollisuuden liikevaihto on 9 miljardia vuodessa. Suomessa on hyv√§ historia kuskien osalta, mutta itse busineksessa voisimme ottaa tiikeri-tankkiin loikan M√§kisen tiimin vanavedess√§. TMR Racing tekee nyt noin 60 M‚ā¨ liikevaihtoa ja on hyvin kannattava yritys. N√§it√§ voisi olla enemm√§n Suomessa, jotta meill√§ on varaa maksaa skandinaavinen yhteiskuntakokeilu. Suomi on hiljalleen siirtym√§ss√§ sotakorvauksien ajan suunnittelmatalouden henkisest√§ painolastista kohti vapaampia markkinoita ja ajattelua. Maastamme puuttuu mittelstand-yritt√§jyys. On olemassa pieni mahdollisuus siihen, ett√§ kun suuret ik√§luokat poistuvat ty√∂el√§m√§st√§, voimme ottaa uuden suunnan. Pohjoisen perilt√§ voi tuottaa kovan luokan ykk√∂stykkej√§, kuten Toyota Yaris WRC tiimi osoittaa. Siis miksip√§ emme liittyisi leikkiin mukaan? Suomessa on pitk√§ historia raskaan metalliteollisuuden tuotteista ja halvat sek√§ n√∂yr√§t insin√∂√∂rit. Meill√§ on kaikki ainekset siihen, ett√§ nostamme autourheiluteollisuuden osuutta BKT:st√§. Yes we can!

Koska vedenpaisumistarinan voima on ihmisen kollektiivisessä tarinatajunnassa niin suuri, kannattaa kilpa-auton voimalinjassa mukailla kulloinkin vallalla olevaa mediahypeä. Nyt on tilaus kilpa-autoilun viherpesulle, joten voimalinjan olisi edullista olla joko bio-tuote peräinen, jos se perustuu combustion-engine laitteeseen eli polttomoottoriin. Toinen tutkintasuunta on sähköinen voimalinja tai näiden hybridi. Mitä Greta tekisi?

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